Prospect Valley





The mission of The Prospect Valley Hospitality property is to provide interdenominational, supportive, loving, comfortable accommodations that are available to Christian Missionaries visiting the greater Denver, Colorado region in the U.S.A.

Local Referring Churches are encouraged to provide lay leaders for airport transportation and to pray with Missionaries; Run errands, provide food, transportation to meetings, photo copying services or use of a vehicle.

If free rent is approved, guests may still need to cover the cost of utilities.

Priority is given to overseas missionaries. Our desire is to serve Christian missionaries visiting Colorado for the purpose of raising support, sabbatical, reporting to local churches, training or other ministry needs. 

 Applications for free or reduced rates are subject to fund availability.

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PROSPECT VALLEY HOSPITALITY 10400 West 38th Ave. Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 (303) 722-5835