In August of 2001 owner Kimary Marchese put in an offer on a charming 1872 property that included several structures with an old west ambiance. The contract was ratified and the financing prequalification confirmed. Unfortunately September 11th was just around the corner—and that fateful day, now known as 9/11, caused the original funding source to back out. The contract expired and Kimary had run out of financing options. Just when it looked like she would loose the property her realtor and long-time friend (now a pastor) connected her with a man from his Kiwanis Club. This man offered to fund the property for one year. At the end she needed to have the entire “complex” renovated adequately to attract a traditional funding source or loose the property…along with the years worth of sweat equity and all the money put into the improvements.

For decades Kimary Marchese had desired to buy a home property large enough to serve her gift of hospitality and give her room to let missionaries come stay with her more comfortably than her previous small home. The discovery of this property – which seemed to possess every quality on her “needs-list” made her feel like this was the property and now was the time to see that prayer become a reality.

However, the prospect of having to do such extensive renovations in less than one year made the only financing option left seem like an extraordinary risk. Kimary called a meeting of friends—about 40 people came to pray over the property. The encouragement of that time of prayer helped her decide to take the risk. She knew that what was originally suppose to be a 30 year project was now, out of necessity, becoming a 10 month project! She also knew it could not be done alone---but let’s not jump too far ahead in the story just yet.

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