Kimary Marchese purchased the property at 10400 W. 38th Avenue in Wheat Ridge, in the middle of her 15-year tenure as the  Exhibit Coordinator for the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave in Golden, Colorado.  The former Lookout Mountain Stage Coach Stop had an obvious link to her personal interest in the Old West and Victorian era.  The museum had introduced her to one of her enduring passions of re-enacting and acquiring authentic reproduction Victorian attire. She was one of the founding members of the Victorian Heritage Society of Colorado and now the Victorian Society of Colorado and is irrevocably attracted to western history.

Kimary received her BFA in Communication Design Graphics from the University of Denver in 1982. She had an elective emphasis in Architecture and Design from her Junior year study abroad in Denmark, Europe.  She had also attended a Mission Bridge School during her 19 year membership in Denver’s Calvary Temple Church.  Kimary had been on several short term mission trips beginning in her early twenties which included rural Jamaica and Uganda, Africa. She invited Christian Missionaries into her small Denver bungalow often throughout the years before finding her way to Wheat Ridge.  Kimary would give up her own bedroom and “camp” in her living room but she observed that this made missionaries feel like they were a burden.  The Stage Stop turned into “Prospect Valley Hospitality” was the realization of Kimary’s longing to have a home large enough to accommodate her gift of hospitality. 

 In addition to hosting international visitors at her home “Prospect Valley Hospitality” Kimary has been involved in International Student Friendship programs and been a foster parent four times and counting.  After Calvary Temple Kimary became a member of New Community Christian Church (NC3) for 4 years until the churched moved south as Kimary moved West.One of her ownlongtime missionary activities was volunteering with incarcerated youth.  Eventually that passion persuaded her to leave her much-loved Exhibit Designer profession and return to the University of Denver for her Master’s Degree in Education.  Kimary has been a high school teacher in the Brighton Juvenile Detention Center, AYSC, since 2007, Prospect Valley Hospitality and teaching keep Kimary busy.  In whatever spare time she can find,Kimary desires to continue to go abroad for short term mission trips whenever “God Calls”. Kimary has been a member of Harvest Christian Community Church in Wheat Ridge since 2001 and her love of hosting missionaries has been greatly supported by its members.


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